About Me Page

What This Is All About?

Starting a business from nothing is what this website is all about. This site is going to take a bit of a different angle than most related sites. This site is all about beginning a business with what you already have (even if that is nearly nothing) and incrementally scaling the enterprise up as you go along.  The intent is for me to share my thought process and lessons learned as I attempt do this myself.  I will also share what I learn from others along the way and helpful resources I discover.

But I do not want this site to be just me running my mouth and you listening… or me typing away on the keep board and you passively reading.  The reasons for this are three-fold.

  • One, I am not yet experienced enough to be giving everyone advice on how to start their own business with the means already available to them.
  • Two, I want to learn from those who are more experienced than myself.  So if someone reads something I wrote, and you think I’m headed in the wrong direction or should take a different approach, or you have a book you think I should read, or tips and pointers, or anything else please feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment.
  • Third, I want this to be an exchange because it is more beneficial for you and myself as well, if I am actively learning from you and you are actively teaching me.

Thanks a ton for stopping by and reading this, I appreciate it.  And I look forward to embarking on this journey and meeting others who have set down similar paths themselves.