Niche Website Case Studies

Niche Website Case Studies

Everybody loves case studies to not only learn about a new topic but also in order to demonstrate what is possible.  I remember reading about a similarly documented phenomenon in the book “The Talent Code.”  In one of the chapters the author talks about the rapid increase of talent in places such as the tennis world of Russia and soccer in Brazil.  Also the 4 minute mile time record had not been broken for a long time but when it was finally broken it continued to be broken more and more by people in a relatively short time.  Why does this seem to happen?

The basic idea behind what he found out was that when a person breaks a record or becomes a extraordinarily talented in any area in which it draws other peoples attention, then more will follow.  People see that it is possible thanks to the pioneers that crossed into uncharted territories.  Well, generating an online income in various ways is no different.  And with a process with as many steps to it as creating a niche site this is especially true.  So I am sharing below some resources that I have been found that demonstrated their process of building niche websites for others to learn from and to demonstrate how doable of an online business model this is.  I hope you enjoy them and let me know if they help you out and of course if you know of some other beneficial case studies you think I should throw up.

Niche Website Case Study Blogs

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Niche Website Case Study Videos

  • Bill Allen’s video case study (from : Pretty useful little video where Bill walks through the basics of setting up a niche website using the example niche of “how to prevent shin-splints.”

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