Keyword Research and SEO Competition

Why do you need to master keyword research and SEO competition?  Well, if you are serious about making money online whether it be through blog posts, niche sites, or article marketing you must learn how to properly do keyword research and understand SEO competition to get onto the first page of Google.  If you cannot find your way onto the first page of Google, your website or articles could pretty much be counted as non-existent.  So, to sum it up, you must really get a good grasp of keyword research so that you can rank on the first page of Google.  This in turn will get you traffic which you can turn into money through various strategies.

There are several things that you need to check out and analyze when looking for good keywords.  You want to know how much traffic you can expect from a certain keyword.  You want to know approximately what kind of monetary value that keyword might have.

There are also several types of characteristics you will need to identify and analyze for your SEO competition to determine if you think you can climb higher in the rankings than your competition.  Some keyword are simply going to have too heavy of competition to make it even worth trying to beat.  That’s why it is usually best to target a niche market instead of a broad market.

I use the keyword research tool Market Samurai to do most of this analysis.  However there are ways you can do this research through other keyword research tools or through the Google Keyword Planner.


  • : Gives some great metrics for your own site or if you are scoping out a competitor sits.  Alexa gives historical data of websites and the bounce rates, daily page views per visitor, daily time on site, and sites linking in.  They also give a global ranking and demographics.  For you own sites you can use the free Google Analytics but Alexa’s Site Info Tool is nice for you to get a better understanding competitors, so you can estimate whether or not you think it would be worth your time and effort to attempt to beat them.  They also have a free Toolbar you can install onto Firefox which displays Alexa’s traffic rank, related links, and historical website data (wayback) for the site that you are visiting.  In addition to these they have a “Hot Pages & Searches” display that shows the most current trending searches and pages. Another cool feature they have is their Top Sites tab where you can visit the top 500 sites on web globally, by country, or by category.
  • ViperChill – Glen quit his job in 2009 and has been making a living from the internet since then including work for large corporations.  He is very knowledgeable about SEO and shares a ton of information for free on his blog.

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