How To Buy High PR Expired Domains

Why You Should Learn About the Power of High PR Expiring Domains?

  • Why? Build your own blog networks, sell links, or start a new website on one that already has a little age and link juice pointing to it.
  • Where? Flippa, GoDaddy auctions, data mine for indicators of expired and soon to be expired domains.
  • Who? Intermediate to advanced internet marketers and bloggers
  • What? Look to start with PR 1-3 sites because they can be bought for fairly cheap.  Build up a portfolio with these and scale up from there to start picking up some PR 4s and above once your PR1s to PR3s have already given you an acceptable return on investment.
  • When? Get started as soon as you can, this is one of the ways to build links that gives you the most control of relevancy because you can make the content on the expired domain directly related to the content is one the website that you intend to point links to.

High PR Domain Setup

  • Do not decrease the quality of your links.  Keep them limited to 1 – 3 links (all varying anchor text) from the home page) to one of your money sites.  Do not link to multiple money sites of yours from the same expired high PR domain or you can send of detectable signals.
  • Link out to some authority sites from your content on your expired high PR domain.
  • Add some relevant youtube videos on your content on your expired high PR domain

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