Where To Get Free Images For Your Website

After getting the hang of using WordPress and learning the ins and outs of writing a post and adding links the next logical step is to find some images or videos to put on your site.  But before you go do an Google search and nab any ol’ image you desire be aware that nearly every photo on the internet is copyrighted.  Which means it’s illegal for you to use it without the the copyright owner’s permission.  Simply giving them credit or a link back does not make your use of their photo legit and you can actually get sued for doing so.

But, no need to fear because you can find free stock photos around the internet with a little effort.  Do pay attention to what the terms and conditions are for the image licensing though.  Each site or photo owner may have different conditions.

For most people the only two types you will encounter are “free” images and “royalty-free” images.  They are different.  Free images are free to download as to be used in whatever way you desire within the limitation and conditions.  Royalty-free images, on the other hand, require you to pay for them one time and then you can use them however you would like, but again within the limitations and conditions the author set forth.

What’s up with the limitations and conditions?  Well some image owners may set certain restrictions to how you are allowed to use their photos.  For examples they may not allow you to edit the photo or change the resolution or size or use it for commercial purposes.  So it is important not to simply skip past these “Terms and Conditions” as most of us do when installing new software.

Here’s a list of places to find free images:

Free Images:

  • morgueFile –
  • stock.xchng
  • Freerange Stock
  • Creative Commons
  • Stock Free Images

Royalty-Free Images:

  • iStockphoto
  • Depositphotos

Additional Links to Free Image Sources

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