Failure Isn’t Real

Failure Is Fake

Surely failure is a real thing… isn’t it?  I would say their is not such things as failure… there is only feedback.  That is unless you give up.  This is evident in so many different areas in life.  However it is especially true when people attempt to learn new skill-sets.  This is something we tend to forget or unlearn as we get older.  The older we become the more rigid and afraid of falling down we become.  But go do this sometime within this next week.  If you have a son or daughter, nephew or niece, or grandchild or family friend who has kids take them and teach them something new.  This could be something as simple as teaching them to play catch with a baseball.  Or trying to teach them to shoot a basketball.

Kids don’t care if they jack-up at something.  They will keep trying until they get it right.  They might even not really heed your advice much and keep trying and trying until they get it right.  This goes for anything with them, when they are learning to roll over and after that to crawl and after that to walk.  They fail all the time but are not easily discouraged.

They will watch people (usually you) who already have attained that skill-set and imitate them until they get it right.  After they assimilate it they may add their own twist to it but normally they will emulate and then innovate.  So my challenge to myself, and to you all is to take on the attitude of a child.  While you are learning to create your own income steams and increase your freedom, keep a smile on your face and in your mind when you fall down.  Enjoy the process, wipe the dust off your knees, and get back up and keep trying.  There is no failure, only feedback.  And falling down or jacking up isn’t that bad.  The embarrassment of falling on your face should not make your face as red as the shame of never trying because you let fear control you.  So get out there, grab the bull by the horns, make eye contact and let out a chuckle, and head-but that sucker as hard as you can.  Get after it and learn from your mistake or just ignore them and plow through it!  The worst failure is never stepping foot into the arena.  Fear that above all else.

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